Availing the services of a proficient web development company is a hard task until you are aware of the fundamentals which are involved within the process of website construction. This is the primary reason why you could be cheated by the varied web development firms as they could command a high price for the purpose of developing your website. This is essentially the reason why it is integral for you to be aware of the basic minimum things which determine the development of a website.

Thus, it is imperative to discuss the primary stages which are involved in the total web development life cycle:

Stage 1: Requirement Analysis: This is an indispensable step for the purpose of initiating a web development project and it is essential to pursue this is a careful manner. This is additionally the initial step in any web development firm. The assessment can be done by means of questionnaires, email letters, participating in interactive sessions, meetings etc and this is inclusive of all the details of the selected project (i.e., concept).

a. Rationale of the website

b. Marketing objectives

c. Who is your audience & what are their expectations?

d. Competitors

e. Database and price details etc… 

Stage 2: Preparing Documentation:

By assessing the above mentioned factors, you can determine if the project is feasible or not. If you answer in the affirmative, they would estimate the approximate cost which would be entailed in the completion of the entire project. Along with these details, an additional specification document is also made which is provided to the client for the purpose of corroboration and approval.

Tip: In this regard, it is crucial for the client to have some fundamental knowledge of his project. It is essential for him to compare the details which have been given to him, with the market trends and ascertain if he wishes to continue with the project or not.

Note: There are certain companies which charge an exorbitant sum of money as they provide qualitative product. It is worthwhile to remember that a qualitative product is necessarily more expensive. 

Stage 3: Web Design:

If the details are acknowledged by the customer, then the selected web development company would initiate the process of designing the website. Designs are essentially the look and feel of the website at front-end. It is during this phase that the structural design of the website is determined and this can be done by developing a comprehensive sitemap.

Tip: In order to ensure that the designs are rendered even more attractive it is imperative for the client to put forth his views. It is vital to assess that the design has not been utilized by someone else. 

Stage 4: Website Development & Coding:

This is a crucial phase in any web development company. This is inclusive of the essential coding and database design. It is during this development phase that communicating with the databases will be handled and additionally the back-end code is also written. This build is subsequently given to the test engineers so that they can test the occurring errors.Testing:

The test engineers have been entrusted with the responsibility of performing test cases and this is essential to test if the build is functioning in a proper manner or not. The defects which are detected are intimated to the developers so that they can ensure adequate modification. This loop functions in an incessant manner until the time no or negligible errors are ascertained. The build which is now error-free is then handed over to the customer for his consent. 

Stage 5: Deployment:

If the customer consents to the build, the website is subsequently deployed so that it can go live.

Tip: Select the finest web hosting company which would assure total security as well as proficient customer support. 

Stage 6: Maintenance and Updating:

This is the last stage in the web development life cycle which is inclusive of the updating and maintenance of the website with its newest features which would considerably assist the users.

The above mentioned life cycle is not consistent and could be subjected to change according to the web development company whose services you wish to avail.


Source by Dipankar Maitra